Saturday, July 25, 2015

❤️ The Only Way to Heaven
❤️ The Rapture is for the faithful only
❤️ Bible Prophecies Fulfilled
❤️ Ezekiel 4:5-6 – Israel to be reborn in 1948!
❤️ Israel the Only family known to God
❤️ Interesting Bible Facts
❤️ Know Your enemy – Satan the Devil
❤️ The overlooked truth
❤️ Vineyards and Winepresses in Ancient Israel

❤️ What does the Talmud really say?

Martin Luther was a Rosicrucian Mason
The Reformers’ errors
KJV is a Roman Masonic Translation
An Incomplete List of KJV Errors
Freemasonry, a Jesuit front
Antichrist “Christians” Hate Jesus’ Father Yahweh

💀 Rome, the great whore of Babylon
💀 Jesuits behind all evils
💀 ISIS was a Jesuit creation
💀 Rome created Islam
💀 Four Most Evil Lies of Rome
💀 The Roman Law that Tyrannizes the Whole World
💀 The Roman Medicine kills
💀 Irrefutable Proof that Santa is Odin
💀 Rome’s 40 days of weeping for Babylonian Tammuz
💀 Roman Europeans Are Palestinian Canaanites
💀 Colosseum Facts
💀 Satan’s Messenger – Mother Teresa
💀 Roman Palestine’s Another “Jesus”!
💀 Who are in the Illuminati Cult?

🐷 The Stephen Sizer Pus: anti-Bible, anti-Christ, anti-Israel!
🐷 exposed
🐷 Walid Shoebat a Jesuit Politician infiltrated the Church
🐷 Jim Staley Exposed
🐷 SDA originated from Masonry and sun worship
🐷 Barbara Aho & Bob Johnson exposed
🐷 "Edifying Others" Exposed
🐷 Kay Griggs a Jesuit mouthpiece to fool the world with partial truth
🐷 Mahatma Gandhi a Pedophile Pervert Antichrist

🐷 Islam a dead cult created by the Vatican
🐷 Palestinian liars caught on tape
🐷 The kill and rape of the Islamist Allah